Recent Site Updates

Cleaning up unmaintained pages.

Few more tweaks. Should be all caught up now.

Updating software, updating content. Stuff gets out of date so quickly...

Refreshed the content on a few pages here and there

New Webserver! The photo galleries will be much snappier now. All the other software has been brought up to date as well.

Sorry for the recent off and on downtime - I was attempting to upgrade from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 6. In the end, Fedora wouldn't behave, so now this server is running a flavor of Ubuntu.

Completely redesigned the site. Gone is the college site, gone are the old style HTML tables. In with the CSS! In with the menus!

I hope you like it, because I'm probably not going to change it again for a long time...

A Home page...


I don't really have any idea what to put on my "home" page. Most of the rest of this site is topic about specific topics - work, tech stuff, details about me, links for myself, etc. But a "home" page? I have no idea what to write on this page.

So I guess I'll just fill it up with pictures.