The obligatory 'about me' page...


karen and me

I currently live in Eagan, MN, with my lovely wife Karen, and a couple of cats. Karen is now completing her medical school residency after completing her Md Phd degree at the U of M, and I work at a regular white collar job full time.

Karen is also working on a little something we refer to as "Stig" for now... Lots of changes coming... I'm told in mid-December.


I currently work as a Principal Software Engineer for Eagle Creek Technologies. This job was a spinoff from my previous job as a Senior Staff Software Engineer for Motorola. The division that I work for used to be known as Next Net Wireless. I work on the software that enables high speed wireless internet connectivity. Our products are sold to ISP's, such as Clearwire. Of course, in yet another change, the Expedience product has now been sold to Nokia Siemens Networks so I'm now a contractor for NSN.

I also do consulting work in my spare time - mostly in the medical informatics field. I'm currently doing work for Apelon, writing code for the IHTSDO Workbench.

Previously, I worked for Mayo Clinic, in Rochester Minnesota, as an Analyst/Programmer (and eventually, a Sr. Analyst/Programmer). I worked with a team of programmers in the Biomedical Informatics Division to support informatics research efforts. In my last few years at Mayo, I helped design and implemented much of our open source LexGrid terminology tooling.

The core LexGrid software that I wrote is now in used in places such as the National Center for Bioontology (it is the server software that enables this app). It is also being being integrated into tools at the National Center for BioInformatics and the Centers for Disease Control.

karen and me


I completed my college degree (BA in Computer Science, with minors in Management and Physics) in 2001 at the University of Minnesota Morris. Before that, I attended high school at Martin County West in southern MN.


If you really want all of the nitty-gritty details, browse over to my resume.


I grew up on a family farm in southern MN, raising corn and soybeans, along with a few cattle.  My dad and brother still farm in the same area, and I still help them out a few times per year. So, I'm a part, part, part time farmer.



bighorn Karen and I travel, when time allows.

The very first photo was taken on the North Shore of Lake Superior somewhere near Two Harbors to be specific.

The photo directly above was taken in Yellowstone National Park (if you couldn't guess) during an extended drive and dayhike trip.

The photo on the right was taken in the Big Horn Mountains during a backcountry camping trip.

Recently, we even took a tropical trip.


Walden Sand Dunes
And finally, as you can see to the left, I have also been known to dress up like a power ranger once in a while.