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You do need to agree to this license, however, before you use any of this software.

The License

From my perspective, the most important part of this license is that it tells you that there is no warranty on any of this code, and I am not responsible for any damages that it may cause.

All that said... enjoy - I hope you find it useful!

Duplicate Finder

This is a program I wrote to scan folders on my computer, and tell me where I have duplicate files. It's main use for me is with photo collections - I have a lot of photos from school, many of which I downloaded from other peoples computers. It turns out a lot of their photos originally came from me. I didn't want to take to time to manually remove all of the duplicates, so I wrote this program instead. It will work on any type of file, and is reasonably fast.


  • Written in Java - works on any platform java runs on - including Linux, Mac, and if your in a pinch, Windows.
  • Finds files that are identical to each other, while ignoring the file names, dates, timestamps, and locations.
  • Search only specific folders, or an entire drive
  • Uses MD5 Checksums to detect duplicates.
  • If MD5 isn't good enough, you can optionally do a byte-for-byte comparison of MD5 indicated duplicates.
  • Manual or automatic duplicate removal
  • Preview for certain file types - jpg's, txt files, etc.
  • Its Free!

Screen Shot


This program will delete files (by design) when you tell it to. There is no undo feature. It will not put files into your recycle bin. I HIGHLY recommend that you make a copy of the folders you want to search for duplicates, before you do your removals. This way, if there is some really ugly bug in the program that causes the wrong files to be deleted, you still have your files. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I will not be responsible for any of your files if you lose them.


You will need to have Java version 1.4 or newer installed to use this program. You can get it here, if you need it.


(you agree to this license by downloading this software)

Click here to launch the program with webstart.

Note: When you first start the program, java will recommend that you not run the program because their is no proper signing authority. You will just have trust that no one has hacked my webserver, and replaced the program with a malicious one.

Otherwise, you can download just the executable: duplicateFinder.jar. If you have java installed correctly on your machine, simply double clicking on the file should launch the program. If not, try "java -jar duplicateFinder.jar".


Gasp! Yes, this software may have bugs. But I don't know of any right now. If you find one, let me know. You can report them here:

Subversion repository Finder/