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Daniel Armbrust


To obtain a job in Information Technology that will expand my knowledge base and provide me with a strong sense of accomplishment.

Computer Skills:

Languages: Java, Swing, SWT, JSP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SOAP, WSDL, C#, IDL, XML, XSL, XML Schema, Python, bash scripting, RDF, SQL, Visual Basic, Scheme.

Systems: MS Windows, RedHat / Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, MS-DOS.

Software Development Packages: Apache Jena, BerkeleyDB, Spring, Struts, JSF, Hibernate, Lucene, Install Anywhere, Axis, Ant, Maven, Eclipse EMF, NLM LVG, Cygwin, Apache FOP.

Server Software: uRiKA, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, SVN, CVS, WebSphere Application Server, JBoss, OpenLDAP, Jabber, Apache Directory, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Sybase SQL Server, DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle SQL Server.

Work Experience:

Senior Consultant
Routing Dynamics / YarcData (Cray), Edina MN
(January 2012 - ongoing)
I am currently providing consulting services to Routing Dynamics where I am assigned to YarcData (a division of Cray). At YarcData, I perform benchmarking and testing on the uRiKA Big Data graph appliance. This involves implementing and automating industry standard RDF Store benchmarks on the uRiKA system. I also write software to interpret and present the test results to management, and work with the development teams to report and fix problems.

Apelon, Ridgefield CT
(September 2007 - August 2008, April 2011 - ongoing)
I have worked as an independent contractor for Apelon to implement web interfaces for their CTS implementation. The interfaces were specified as an enhanced version of the HL7 CTS APIs, to be used by the Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare to access medical terminology from an instance of the HL7 CTS APIs implemented over the Apelon DTS server.

Currently I am building data loaders and extensions for the IHTSDO Workbench and the Apelon DTS Server.

Principal Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer
Eagle Creek Technologies, Burnsville MN
(May 2009 – May 2012)
Eagle Creek Technologies was contracted by Nokia Siemens Networks (formerly Motorola) to provide engineering services for the Nextnet Expedience wireless broadband network.

  • I was the manager of the Applications Software group at Eagle Creek Technologies.
  • Lead designer and developer for a new provisioning system to work with the next generation of the Expedience product. This required interfacing with the embedded systems engineers, the dedicated test groups and reporting to the CTO.
  • I provided maintenance of line support for the current Expedience product, including all of the responsibilities listed during my Motorola employment, below.
  • I also serve in a system administrator role for numerous internal systems such as Subversion, Bugzilla, Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat and the Linux servers hosting them.

Senior Software Engineer
Motorola, Burnsville MN
(February 2007 - May 2009)
I was employed by Motorola in the Networks and Engineering group. I wrote and maintained multithreaded server software that controls customer provisioning on the Expedience wireless broadband network. Our software grants or denies customers access to the network based on many factors. ISP's interface with our web based administration software to control and monitor their wireless networks.

  • I gathered requirements for new features or customer requests and then designed, implemented, tested and documented the new features.
  • I performed software maintenance as required to investigate and fix bugs in our management software.
  • I interfaced directly with customers when a problem was escalated from customer support to diagnose and correct any issues that our customers encounter.

Senior Analyst Programmer / Analyst Programmer
Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN
(June 2001 - February 2007)
I was employed by the division of Biomedical Informatics. I created software tools for researchers to access unstructured patient data, creating software as necessary for individual research projects and maintaining various medical terminologies for clinical and research use.

  • Lead developer on a large contract project to develop a replacement terminology server (LexBIG) for the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
  • I was one of three developers that created an object model for terminologies known as LexGrid. I was directly responsible for creating the SQL storage interfaces, writing data importers and exporters using Java and XML, and collaborating on a terminology editor.
  • I represented Mayo Foundation as a committer at the Eclipse Open Healthcare Framework.
  • I assisted in writing the ANSI approved specification for Health Level 7 Common Terminology Services (HL7 CTS) and was the lead developer for the Mayo implementations of CTS. Mayo CTS was written in Java using SQL, LDAP, and Lucene. It also has SOAP bridges to C# which I was responsible for building, testing and maintaining.
  • I was involved in the Mayo Clinic Life Sciences System (MCLSS) collaboration between Mayo Clinic and IBM to centralize access to all patient data. MCLSS is implemented in Java using the WebSphere J2EE Application Server and DB2. I worked with the developers at Mayo and IBM to design the necessary terminology access APIs and then implement them.
  • I was responsible for maintaining all of our external web pages where we publish our open source standards and tools. The website I wrote and maintained is a combination of php, jsp, and webstart Java applications. I was also responsible for all of the configuration, maintenance and security aspects of the Linux servers hosting the website.


University of Minnesota, Morris. Graduation: 5/01. B.A. in Computer Science; Minors in Management, Physics. Overall GPA 3.6 / 4.0. Major GPA 3.7 / 4.0.
Martin County West High School. Graduation: 6/97. GPA 3.7 / 4.0.

Continuing Education:

Courses in WiMax Signaling, Complete C# .NET, XSL Transformations and Visual Basic. Attended No Fluff Just Stuff in 2008, EclipseCon in 2005 and 2006, JavaOne in 2003.

Honors and Awards:

Honors Graduate - University of Minnesota, Morris, 2001.
University of Minnesota, Morris Deans List - Multiple semesters.
Honors Graduate - MCW High School, 1997.


References and transcript available upon request.