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You do need to agree to this license, however, before you use any of this software.

The License

From my perspective, the most important part of this license is that it tells you that there is no warranty on any of this code, and I am not responsible for any damages that it may cause.

All that said... enjoy - I hope you find it useful!

Backup Tool

This program is a tool for backing up folders files and folders. It has a nice graphical configuration that allows you to choose what folders you want to backup, where you want to back them up to, and then it does the backup for you. It only copies content that has changed since the last backup, so it runs quickly.


  • Written in Java + SWT - works on any platform java runs on - including Linux, Mac, and if your in a pinch, Windows.
  • SWT gives you a native feel with file choosers that work properly
  • Convenient GUI
  • Command line only option for running the syncronize task itself
  • Only copies files that have changed
  • Gives complete summary of what has changed
  • Its Free!


You will need to have Java version 1.5 or newer installed to use this program. You can get it here, if you need it.

(you agree to this license by downloading this software)

Click here to launch the program with webstart .

Note: When you first start the program, java will recommend that you not run the program because their is no proper signing authority. You will just have trust that no one has hacked my webserver, and replaced the program with a malicious one.

Otherwise, you can download a zip package for your platform:

Unzip this to a place of your choosing, and run the executeable for your platform.

Command Options

If you pass in '-rc' as a command line parameter - it will run the pre-configured backup without displaying a GUI.

If you pass in a '-rg' as a command line parameter - it will not display the configuration window - it will just run the pre-configured backup, with a gui window for status information. This is useful if you want to schedule the backup to run every day.


Gasp! Yes, this software may have bugs. But I don't know of any right now. If you find one, let me know. You can report them here:

Subversion repository / Source Code