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All of this software has been written by me. You are free to use or modify it as you see fit.

You do need to agree to this license, however, before you use any of this software.

The License

From my perspective, the most important part of this license is that it tells you that there is no warranty on any of this code, and I am not responsible for any damages that it may cause.

All that said... enjoy - I hope you find it useful!

Directory Lister

This program is a Directory/File lister. You just point it at a directory on your computer, select some options, and click Process. It will then give you a text file of all of the contents of that directory.


  • Written in Java - works on any platform java runs on - including Linux, Mac, and if your in a pinch, Windows.
  • Preview mode - Write to Screen
  • Edit the output directly - aka notepad functionality
  • Save the screen output to file
  • Write directly to file (useful for large directories)
  • Only process top directory, or include the contents of all subdirectories
  • List Files and Directories, or just Files, or just Directories
  • Option to strip file extensions
  • Option to remove drive letters
  • Write Full paths, or just the filenames
  • Option to indent the output to show directory hierarchy
  • Option to make a tree view of the output to show directory hierarchy
  • Option to prefix or append arbitrary text to directories and/or files
  • Change the format of the output without rescanning all of the directories (Redisplay button)
  • Find/Replace capability
  • Its Free!

Screen Shot


You will need to have Java version 1.4 or newer installed to use this program. You can get it here, if you need it.


(you agree to this license by downloading this software)

Click here to launch the program with webstart .

Note: When you first start the program, java will recommend that you not run the program because their is no proper signing authority. You will just have trust that no one has hacked my webserver, and replaced the program with a malicious one.

Otherwise, you can download just the executable directoryLister.jar. If you have java installed correctly on your machine, simply double clicking on the file should launch the program. If not, try "java -jar directoryLister.jar".


Gasp! Yes, this software may have bugs. But I don't know of any right now. If you find one, let me know. You can report them here:

Subversion repository Lister/